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Is Coal Merchants Dublin Anthracite Mined In Ireland

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

The major anthracite Mines in Ireland were located in Ballingary

Unfortunately anthracite is no longer mined on a commercial basis in Ireland.
Anthracite is a hard, naturally smokeless fuel with a high calorific value and low ash content. The coalfield was positioned in the Slieve Ardagh region and was an extension of the Leinster coalfields. The deposits, which were deeply faulted, comprise of three strata, the lowest averaging nine inches in thickness and the other seams being roughly two feet thick. Due to the inclined coal layer acting as a slippage plane, considerable amounts of the deposits had been crushed and combined with the upper and lower boundary shale. This resulted in a lesser commercially viable content known locally as culm. Due to its high elevation, melting snow in the Slieve Ardagh area intermittently resulted in considerable volumes of flood-water. This regularly threatened to overwhelm the mines normal output of quality anthracite.

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