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Crumlin Fuel Depot, Coal Merchants Dublin. Smokeless coal delivery Dublin SouthCrumlin Fuel Depot stock a full range of the Finest Quality Smokeless Coal for open fires & back-boilers, solid fuel stoves, wood burning stoves, multi fuel burning stoves, Parkray room heaters & all solid fuel appliances.

Using valuable experience acquired over 30 years in the business, we personally source the finest quality smokeless coals available both home and abroad. We then carefully blend those smokeless fuels to optimize their performance and produce an excellent range of              Lower Emissions, Cleaner Burning, High Heat Output Smokeless Coal for Open Fires & Back-Boilers and Solid Fuel Stoves. We have also personally selected what we consider to be among the finest anthracites available worldwide for use in Solid Fuel Stoves and many other enclosed solid fuel appliances.

Crumlin Fuel Depot, Coal Merchants Dublin. Smokeless Coal Delivery Dublin All AreasWhile we always strive for
 “Value for Money”,
we never source “Cheap” coal
as a poor substitute for Quality Fuel.


Our full range of The Finest Quality Smokeless Coal and Solid Fuel Supplies includes

Crumlin Fuel Depot, coal merchants Dublin. Smokeless Coal Delivery Dublin all areas

For Open Fires









MASTERBLEND, a combination of 3 different smokeless coals carefully blended for optimum performance and heat output in open fires & solid fuel stoves alike. Our number one selling smokeless coal that’s lively, easier to light and burns with a bright & friendly flame.

DIAMOND BLEND, a more settled high heat output smokeless coal that burns with a warm & welcoming glow, but lasts that little bit longer.

Also a full range of smokeless coal including, Union Coal Nuggets, Fireflame, Easyflame, Calco smokeless coal, Petcoke/Petrocoke blends, Jet Black, Diamond smokeless coal.


 For OUTSIDE the Dublin Smokeless Area Only

Premium Polish Coal, Quality Columbian Coal, Coal Doubles, Coal Singles.


Enclosed Fire at Crumlin Fuel Depot, Coal Merchants Dublin. Smokeless Coal Delivery Dublin all areas.
For Enclosed Fires & Stoves








CLEARGLOW Anthracite, our finest quality, best value, longer & stronger burning anthracite. It is a Naturally mined Fuel, Naturally Smokeless, and resembles small shiny coal in appearance. It burns with a Sustained High Heat Output and offers the Best All Round Performance in a Solid Fuel Stove

ECOGLOW… The Newest addition to our Stable of Quality Fuels For Solid Fuel Stoves, it is a Superior Quality Manufactured Ovoid (Oval or egg shaped) that burns brightly with a High Heat Output. It is a Larger Ovoid and because of it’s size and consistency it is easier to handle and burns a little longer in a Solid Fuel Stove than some other ovoids

ECOBRITE , a Premium ovoid manufactured right here in Ireland by Arigna Fuels. High Heat Output and burns cleanly to a fine ash. Easier to ignight, but not as long lasting.

Anthracite Beans/Peas, a Grade A quality anthracite for gravity fed appliances.

Also, Red Flame Anthracite, Grade A Anthracite, Ecobrite, Extracite, Redflame etc.


We are also stockists of Bord Na Mona Briquettes, Turf, Kindling etc.



Smokeless Coal for Solid Fuel Stoves

Along with cosy Wood Burning Stoves, many of the very stylish and highly efficient solid fuel Stoves available on the market now are “Multi Fuel Burners”. As the name suggests, you can burn most solid fuels in this multi fuel burning stove. The Smokeless Coal listed above for open fires are also very suitable for burning in these solid fuel stoves. Indeed, in most cases I would initially recommend our regular Smokeless Coal to start you off in almost all new multi fuel stoves. For ease of lighting and a more lively, flamey performance in the solid fuel stove, our more easily manageable range of Smokeless Coal is an excellent choice for use in most solid fuel stoves. Along with our Renewable Carbon Neutral Firewood Logs, Bord na Mona Peat Briquettes, and even our traditional aromatic Turf, the menu from which you can choose is extensive.

Premium Quality Clearglow Anthracite for Solid Fuel Stoves 

However, our Premium Quality Clearglow Anthracite, Ecoglow, or a combination of both, is ultimately what you want to aspire to as the main fuel supply in your new stove. They burn differently to our regular Smokeless Coal. Clearglow anthracite is an extremely hard, naturally smokeless coal. It is a little harder to ignite, a little slower to get going in your stove, but will burn for much longer, with a higher heat output, and a much better all round performance in your solid fuel stove. It really should take you only a few days of “Trial and Error”, fine tuning the air supply/draught control on your solid fuel stove until you have perfected the desired burning rate of fuel. This is especially true for overnight burning, where for the sake of a shovelful or two of Clearglow in the stove before retiring to bed, your solid fuel stove can keep your home totally toasty right throughout the coldest winter nights. In reducing the fuel consumption of restarting the stove/ reheating your home the next day, there is really no additional cost in keeping your solid fuel stove in “sleep mode” throughout the coldest winter nights . Clearglow is also much cleaner burning as it is a naturally smokeless coal. So with any solid fuel stoves with glass doors, there will be noticibly less build up of residue or staining on the glass. Ecoglow has similar qualities, is a little livlier, easier to ignite, and burns out cleanly to a fine ash. While Ecoglow is more lively and easier to ignite, it doesn’t last quite as long, but when burned with our Clearglow Anthracite in your Solid Fuel Stove, the combination offers “The Best Of Both Worlds” Please don’t hesitate to call our Free Solid Fuel Advisory Service, without obligation on  01 459 3861


For more information on our full range of Smokeless Coal, please call our FREE 


 on  01 459 3861

Glowing at Crumlin Fuel Depot, Coal Merchants Dublin. Smokeless Coal Delivery Dublin all areas.

 “There has never been a Better Time to
 Enjoy The Cosy Comfort of a Real Coal Fire”


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