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Crumlin Fuel Depot, Coal Merchants Dublin are a family run business supplying the Finest Quality Smokeless Fuel to homes all over Dublin for more then 30 years now. A 4th. generation traditional Dublin Coal Merchant, we pride ourselves on providing the kind of friendly, personal service, as only a small family business can.

During the worst of the wintery weather, our one and only focus is the home heating needs of our customers. At Crumlin Fuel Depot, Coal Merchants Dublin, we will pull out all the stops to ensure you receive your smokeless coal delivery, on time, every time!
Whenever severe icy conditions or heavy snowfalls come around, you can be sure that we are doing everything in our power to get your smokeless coal delivery to you, even if it means working later through the evenings, and 7 days a week. If you are already a valued customer of Crumlin Fuel Depot, Coal Merchants Dublin you already know that in advance of, or during heavy snowfalls we will be out day and night, including Sundays too, to get the deliveries done!

CRUMLN FUEL DEPOT, COAL MERCHANTS DUBLIN – Difficult Conditions for Coal Delivery Dublin

As we saw in the winter of 2010/2011 when heavy snowfall resulted in much of the country covered in a blanket of snow, Dublin coal deliveries were extremely difficult. Even when main roads were gritted overnight, the roads inside housing estates were left untreated by cash strapped councils and remained impassible for weeks. As you might expect, at Crumlin Fuel Depot, Coal Merchants Dublin our coal delivery trucks spend 90% of the the time in, or getting stuck in, cul de sacs and smaller, lesser used roads in housing estates where most of our customers live. So Please Allow A Few Days For Delivery! Even at normal demand levels, it can take twice as long to get around in such difficult driving conditions, especially for a truck loaded with coal. Add in the fact that demand can easily double or treble as temperatures plummet and you can see why it’s in everyone’s best interest to order early.

Crumlin Fuel Depot, Coal Merchants Dublin – IT’S NOT JUST BUSINESS, IT’S PERSONAL

Unlike some builders providers, garden centres, or temporary “Pop Up” outfits etc. who now sell “cheap coal” as a side line, we at Crumlin Fuel Depot, Coal Merchants Dublin are totally concentrated on our one and only business – which is delivering the Finest Quality Smokeless Fuels to you, our valued customer, on time, every time, with the kind of Friendly Personal Service, as only a Family Run Business can provide.

Crumlin Fuel Depot, Coal Merchants Dublin – SECURE COAL SUPPLIES DUBLIN

At Crumlin Fuel Depot, Coal Merchants Dublin we do not have another more profitable “customer base” or more important supply line that will take precedence over the Home Heating Needs of our Customers whenever the going gets tough. Putting to good use our more than 30 years experience in the coal business, we are able to source only the Finest Quality Smokeless Fuel, both home and abroad, regardless of weather conditions. Even during the mose adverse weather, be it below freezing temperatures or heavy snowfall, our main priority at Crumlin Fuel Depot, Coal Merchants Dublin is to maintain adequate Smokeless Fuel Supplies at all times.
AND TO DELIVER THE FINEST QUALITY SMOKELESS COAL, ALL DAY, EVERY DAY, not just when we are not busy doing something else.

Crumlin Fuel Depot, Coal Merchants Dublin – Order Early!

Whenever the Weather Reports tell us that conditions are likely to become colder, please check your fuel supplies and please order early in advance of any signifcant downturn in weather conditions.
And remember, if you can, to check on elderly neighbours or family members to ensure that they have adequate coal supplies to last a number of days should they become housebound or snowed in.

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